Aircel RTM Series (2,500 – 30,000 scfm)

The Aircel RTM Series (2,500 – 30,000 scfm) high-capacity cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers use multiple compressors with defined loading/unloading capacities and a thermal mass storage medium for energy-efficient operation. The refrigeration system cools the thermal mass medium to a predetermined lower temperature. Once that temperature is reached, the system goes into standby mode until the temperature rises to another predetermined set point.

Only then does the system come out of standby mode and once again cools the thermal mass medium. No energy is wasted when demand on the dryer is low. These dryers are ideally suited when large air volumes need to be dried to a reliable and constant dewpoint.

  • Condenser automatic water regulating valve (water-cooled units).
  • Inlet temperature indicator.
  • Outlet temperature indicator.
  • Refrigeration discharge pressure gauge.
  • Refrigeration suction pressure gauge.
  • Compressor sequencer (units with multiple compressors).
  • Compressor ON/light indicator.
  • Air inlet pressure gauge.
  • Air inlet temperature gauge.
  • NEMA 4 electrical.
  • Zero-purge drain system.
  • Pump pressure gauge.
  • Thermal storage temperature gauge.
  • Phase protection module (Rotary screw compressors).
  • Pump failure indicator.
  • No flow indicator.
  • Compressor starter with overload protection.
  • Pump starter with overload protections.
  1. Hot saturated air from the aftercooler enters the air/air heat exchanger, where the air is pre-cooled by the cold dry air leaving the heat exchanger.
  2. The pre-cooled air then enters the air/glycol heat exchanger, where is it cooled to its final dew point by chilled water/glycol, flowing in the countercurrent through the shell.
  3. The chilled air passes through the moisture separator, which has a high efficiency of separation at varying flow rates. Condensate is removed from the system without any loss of air via a zero purge drain valve.
  4. Finally the cold, dry air is reheated in the air/air heat exchanger by the incoming hot air for maximum volumetric efficiency before exiting the dryer. The water/glycol is chilled by a cycling refrigeration system, and continuously pumped through the shell side of the air/glycol heat exchanger. The glycol flow rate remains constant, regardless of compressed air load. The refrigeration compressor unloads, and/or cycles OFF, when a pre-set water/glycol temperature is reached, thus minimizing electrical power consumption.

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