Van Air HL Series Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers

Engineered for long service life and superior protection of your air-operated equipment and processes, Van Air HL series heatless regenerative desiccant compressed air dryers deliver the peace of mind of high quality, value and fast delivery.

All HL series heatless air dryers include patented Interlock Logic valve sequencing to protect compressed air systems from premature loss of flow or pressure. Interlock Logic guarantees that each phase of the drying cycle is completed before the next can begin. This ensures uninterrupted air flow at constant pressure for downstream equipment and prevents accidental vessel re-pressurization, a vital safety feature.

HL series heatless air dryers have a full range of control features. Standard touchpad controllers (on models HL-2500 and below) include real-time status displays, plus a hold feature to preserve system pressure and conserve energy. The controller also features a switching failure monitor for immediate notification of any cycle disruption.

Optional energy-saving controls, such as Cycle Saver™ and PLC-controlled EMCON II®, automatically adjust cycles to reduce component wear and save energy when air system demand fluctuates.

With many heatless air dryer models in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, rapid delivery from the Van Air factory ensures that an HL series dryer arrives when it’s needed.

  • 40°F to -100°F pressure dew point
  • Stock units available up to 2000 scfm (standard units up to 5000 scfm; larger units available)
  • Permanently lubricated inlet valve
  • Valve position indicator
  • Purge metering valve
  • Activated alumina desiccant
  • Interlock Logic valve sequencing system with depressurization safety
  • Power on switch/LED
  • Control power fuse
  • Enamel exterior finish
  • ASME stamped vessels with lifting lugs, fill & drain ports, and removable stainless steel desiccant screens
  • Purge exhaust mufflers
  • Control air filter
  • Panel mounted tower pressure gauges
  • Panel mounted moisture indicator
  • Tower status LED
  • Tower drying/regenerating LEDs
  • Dual pilot valves
  • Terminal strip
  • 115/1/60 supply power
  • Solid state/PLC control
  • Cycle Saver energy-saving controller standard on 3000 scfm models and above
  • NEMA 4 control box
  • Cycle hold feature
  • Switching failure monitor LED/contact
  • Full flow safety relief valves shipped loose
  • 220/1/50-60 supply power
  • Molecular sieve desiccant
  • NEMA 7 control box
  • Mounted pre- & after-filters
  • Mounted filters and bypass piping
  • Pneumatic timer
  • Audible alarm
  • Digital dew point readout
  • Protection of sensitive pneumatically operated equipment and processes
  • Freeze protection for air lines exposed to low ambient temperatures
  • Processes where dew point spikes cannot be tolerated. Heated type dryers have an inherent dew point pike at tower changeover that can last up to 20 minutes.