Offshore Blast Pak

This Blast Pak unit is also a single tower deliquescent offshore drying package, same as the original Blast Pak, but is designed for use in an offshore environment. The unit is pre-assembled and ready for use. It is designed to be portable using a forklift skid design or a crane for lifting. Makes it easily movable in a plant, platform or offshore facility.

The Offshore Portable Air Dryer Blast Pak is idea for mobile blasting offshore contractors. Also suitable for painting and other dry air requirements in an offshore atmosphere. It is great for offshore rental equipment suppliers. The offshore air dryer has a Heresite coating on the aftercooler. It also incorporates an offshore paint system for protection in the corrosive, offshore environment. The system uses Stainless Steel instrument tubing, fittings, gauges and FRL unit.

The offshore dryer requires absolutely no utilities. It is available in 5 models in flow ranges of 250, 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 scfm.

Offshore Blast Pak Model Numbers and Dimensions