Introducing the New Moisture Boss Desiccant Air Dryer

The simplest, most affordable point-of-use compressed air dryer

Moisture Boss Point-of-use Air DryerWe are proud to announce the new Moisture Boss desiccant air dryer from Van Air Systems for point-of-use applications. The Moisture Boss is the simplest, most cost effective air dryer available in the 10 horsepower air compressor or smaller range for light industrial uses.

Simple and affordable point-of-use desiccant air dryer dryer

With no moving parts or power required, the Moisture Boss has a flow up to 35 SCFM @ 100 PSIG. This compressed air dryer comes with a 1 year warranty, initial fill of Dry-O-Lite desiccant, manual drain valve, internal after-filter, and all wall mounting hardware included.

The Moisture Boss is simple, affordable, and effective – exactly what a point-of-use air dryer should be!

The secret is the desiccant: Genuine Van Air Dry-O-Lite. Dry-O-Lite lasts longer and costs less than any other desiccant. Other desiccants are initially good at removing water vapor, but they quickly become saturated and ineffective.

The Moisture Boss delivers moisture free air for up to 90% longer than the nearest competing point-of-use dryers. The Moisture Boss allows you to spray paint, sand blast, run tools, plasma cut for months, even years before needing to add desiccant.

List Price: $500
Limited Time Introductory Price: $425
Get the Moisture Boss at our low introductory price while you can! Call 866-660-0208 or email us today to place your order.

The Moisture Boss is the perfect solution for:

  • Paint booths
  • Blast cabinets
  • Plasma cutters
  • Air tools
  • Light Assembly Shops
  • Woodworking Shops
  • Air flow capacity: up to 35 SCFM
  • Maximum working pressure: 200 PSIG
  • Maximum operating temperature: 100°F
  • Semi-transparent FRP Shell
  • Anodized aluminum heads, tie rods & fasteners
  • Nitrile gaskets
  • DRY-O-LITE® desiccant (initial fill included)
  • Manual drain valve
  • Internal after-filter
  • Wall mounting bracket & hardware included