Compressed air & gas solutions for high-pressure and offshore applications (up to 10,000 psig)

Air & Vacuum Process sells equipment manufactured by AirCel that is custom designed for your application needs. The design of the High Pressure drying equipment and offshore designed refrigerated air dryers are examples of what has been supplied in the past. With the quality that Aircel provides in manufacturing and engineering the equipment you can feel safe in the ability of the equipment to perform in your application.

The knowledge that is available for solving your specific compressed air & gas application by Air & Vacuum Process can help in situations where you need a solution. When you call us, an application specialist answers the phone to speak with you. Let us help you in your special or high pressure air or gas dryer application.

Automobile brake system testing high pressure desiccant air dryer

Automobile brake system testing high pressure desiccant air dryerUsed for testing air brake systems to improve the quality control process on heavy duty commercial vehicles. The high pressure design allows the brakes to be tested under extreme pressure for extended life. The dry -40°F air out of the air dryer eliminates any rusting in the system.

Respiratory breathing air tank breathing air system

Respiratory breathing air tank breathing air systemThese 7200 psig systems were designed for a manufacturer of firefighter respiratory and protective equipment. They wanted to extend the breathing packs to a higher pressure and thereby gaining more usable air in the breathing air tanks. Normal tanks are rated at 6000 psig. These systems provide Grade D breathing air. They remove hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other contaminants from the breathing air.

Pneumatic pressure testing for heat exchangers

Pneumatic Pressure Testing for Heat ExchangersThis High Pressure 5000 psig air dryer was designed for a large auto parts manufacturer that used it with a testing system to test the quality of heat exchangers pointing out any potential or actual points in the exchangers that could cause contamination. The low dewpoints and clean dry high pressure air would allow no contamination to the product.

High pressure refrigerated air dryers for rig tensioning on offshore oil platforms

High pressure refrigerated air dryers for rig tensioning on offshore oil platformsA major compressor manufacturer provides high pressure tensioning systems for platforms offshore and needed a way for drying the high pressure compressed air used in the tensioning system. Aircel designed a refrigerated dryer capable of providing a constant 37°F dewpoint for this application. The package from the major compressor manufacturer included these 3,500 & 5,000 psig refrigerated air dryers and filtration package with contained cooling system along with their 4-stage compressors for this rig tensioning and other offshore applications. The refrigerated air dryers use water cooled condensers and NEMA 4 electrical panels. Aircel also provides desiccant dryers capable of -40°F dewpoints.

High pressure natural gas refueling station dryers

High pressure natural gas refueling station dryersA manufacturer of compressors of natural gas used in refueling stations needed a way to remove the dirt particles and lubricating oil as a result of the compression process from the natural gas. These contaminants must be removed from the gas before it is put into CNG vehicles. There is also moisture in the natural gas that must be removed to acceptable industry standards to improve the BTU value of the gas and improve the gas mileage. Aircel’s line of CNG dryers cleans the particulates and removes the oil from the gas and dries the gas to a level exceeding the quality of the industry.

Specialty High-Pressure Applications

Specialty High-Pressure Applications (PDF)Compressed Air & Gas Solutions For High-Pressure Applications (up to 10,000 psig)

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