Xentaur’s Dew Point Meter, Model LPDT

Fully Functional Instrument

COSA LPDTXentaur’s Model LPDT is the world’s smallest loop-powered (2-wire) dew point transmitter.

The LPDT is also a fully functional instrument, featuring the well proven and easy to use interface, familiar to many. Set-up functions, result display of dew point, temperature and optionally pressure are accommodated by a miniature custom LCD display and three programming buttons.

The LPDT is also the only loop-powered dew point transmitter featuring both analog and optional digital outputs.

Analog Output Loop

4 – 20 mA is drawn by the instrument from the power supply, with the current being linear to the selected engineering units. The range of the output is programmable. The output resolution is 0.1°C(dp)

Digital Output Loop (optional)

The instrument can supply digital output by modulating the 4 – 20 mA loop line. The timing and format of the data conforms to RS-232,and the output can be interfaced to a PC or other RS-232 devices with an optional adapter. In the digital mode, the LPDT can be remotely operated and dew point and temperature (and pressure if installed) can be read. In the digital mode, multiple units can operate on the same loop cable as a multi-channel instrument.

HTF™ High Capacitance Aluminum Oxide Sensor

The LPDT uses a Xentaur HTF™ high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor and provides a degree of accuracy, speed of response and stability unavailable from other instruments using conventional sensors.buynow