Aircel AMD Modular Heatless Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed air is an important source of energy. The need for an air supply to be clean and contaminant free is crucial. So too, is the need for dry air, without traces of water or oil vapor. Any form of moisture in a compressed air line has the potential to cause costly downtime, machine damage and product spoilage.

Aircel AMD offers a multitude of energy saving features. From a simple power on indicator through to a service warning light, the effective energy saving feature allows the dryer to be linked with a compressor control system and reduces air consumption during periods of low demand.

With flow rates from 4 scfm (7 Nm3 /h - 1.94 l/s) to 365 scfm (620 Nm3 /h - 172 l/s), the entire range can operate at -40¼C / -40¼F pressure dewpoint as standard, with an option of -70¼C / -100¼F for more critical applications. The range has been designed and engineered to meet the air purity class in accordance with ISO 8753:1-2001 (E). The units have an intelligent diagnostic system installed as standard on each model, which is unique to Aircel. Ease of service has been foremost in the design. Each unit can be serviced without disturbing the surrounding pipework. Desiccant cartridges can also be changed out effectively without causing excessive down time. The compact size of the Aircel AMD ensures that installation is simple and versatile. The units can be installed in small spaces in either a vertical or horizontal position. To complement its vast range of operational features, models AMD-004 and AMD-035 may also be floor or wall mounted. Models AMD-004 to AMD-035 have multiple porting options with a total of six inlet / outlet connections and many pipework possibilities

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  • Suitable for worldwide installation
  • Approved to International Standards
  • Multi voltage capabilities
  • Extruded aluminum towers fully painted for corrosion protection
  • Removable front panel allows for easy access and servicing
  • Standard controller incorporates an optional energy management system which operates in conjunction with dedicated compressors
  • Intelligent electronic processor
  • Simple purge plug change-out, no need to dismantle units
  • Easy and efficient servicing
  • Spring loaded desiccant cartridges to avoid desiccant attrition
  • Clear cartridges designed to enable visible inspection of desiccant condition
  • Internal silencer to reduce noise levels and ensure a smooth chamber depressurization
  • Suitable for wall mounting and horizontal integration.
  • Minimal serviceable spares
  1. The XA grade pre-filter with electronic drain removes particulates from the air stream.Wet air passes through the filter down to the bottom valve assembly.
  2. The airis fed throughthe bottom of desiccant bed and moves throughhigh performancedesiccant until dry.
  3. Purge air passes to atmosphere through the silencer which is fitted to the exhaust valve.
  4. On exit from the 4 desiccant cartridge the air passes through the integral 1 micron dust filter removing particulate in the air stream.
  5. The control system cycles the process 5 air between the two 6 desiccant towers.
  6. While one chamber is on 2 stream removing water vapor, the other is being regenerated.

Recognizing that processes operating a compressed air dryer often have differing requirements, Aircel has tailored the features of Aircel AMD so that the dryers can be utilized to suit various industrial applications.

Typical applications include automotive, railway, power stations, paint spraying, instrumentation, packaging, pharmaceutical, general industrial use and many more

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