VAN AIR SYSTEMS DESICCANT 4UF GASDRY ULTIMATE XENTRITE, P/N 33-0416, Compressed Air & Natural Gas Desiccant

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Natural gas or process gas dehydration at low pressures, low flow rates, and / or low temperatures can be very difficult. Most conventional salt-type absorbent desiccants are unable to adequately dry gas to low water content under these conditions. Gas DryTM Ultimate/4UF was developed to meet low dew point requirements when other desiccants or glycols cannot.

Gas DryTM Ultimate/4UF can be used by itself or in combination with other grades of deliquescent desiccant, such as Gas DryTM Peak/SP or Gas DryTM Max/10BF Desiccant. In some applications, consumption is optimized when the process gas flows through the lower grade desiccant prior to the highly absorbent Gas Dry Ultimate/4UF.

Features and Benefits

  • 7 lbs H2O/MMSCF gas is attainable @ 50 psig & 60°F.
  • 20 lbs H2O/MMSCF gas is attainable @ 25 psig & 80°F.
  • Gas temperatures below freezing can be dried and still 
    obtain a low equilibrium RH.
  • Inhibits natural gas hydrate formation
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Prevents air or gas line freeze-ups
  • Environmentally safe
  • 3/8" diameter tablet


  • Meeting pipeline moisture specifications
  • Fuel gas dehydration
  • Instrument gas dehydration
  • Lowering dew point of chilled biogas and landfill gas for siloxane mitigation
  • Remote outdoor locations without electricity
  • Environments with electrical classification restrictions