About Air & Vacuum Process, Inc.

AVP has been serving its global customers since 1997, providing natural gas and compressed air dehydration solutions to industries ranging from oil & gas, refining, petrochemical, engineering & construction, pipeline, telecommunications, electronics, and many others.

AVP partners with OEMs, System Integrators, End Users and Engineering Consultants. We solve dehydration problems, sometimes anticipating and identifying issues in operation that may not be readily apparent. AVP provides best-of-breed natural gas and compressed air dryers, air compressors, filters, desiccants, drain valves and dew point meters. Every dehydration product we sell is tailored to a customer’s specific application. We take pride in being able to provide one-on-one consultation on every application.

Why AVP is the right partner for you

  • Speak directly to an experienced and qualified dehydration expert
  • We will answer the phone or emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No layers of communication channels or phone menus to deal with
  • Most instances we will specify and price equipment same day or let you know when we can get a detailed price or quote
  • Our experience allows us to identify issues in operation that may not be readily apparent and provide a cost-effective solution
  • We have shipped equipment all over the world

We look forward to serving you and your company now and in the future.