Don’t Get Caught in the Rush!

Our lead time tends to get longer from September through December. This is because of the high volume of natural gas vessels purchased during these months. We recommend that you place your order in the early part of the year to avoid a long delivery time and having to wait due to the rush.

Fuel Gas Separator and Dehydrator

Fuel Gas Dryers are essential for the smooth operation of gas-fired production equipment. In some cases, Fuel Gas Coalescers are used for the conditioning of the fuel gas.

Natural gas producers and transporters often depend on wellhead gas to fuel production equipment. Van Gas Technologies Natural Gas Dehydration and Filtration systems are an effective tool for fuel gas conditioning at remote locations. In most areas, access to the electrical grid is unavailable making these systems beneficial since no power or utilities are required.

Impurities in untreated natural gas can damage costly equipment. Liquid and vaporous water is particularly harmful. Water freezes within fuel lines, potentially shutting down production. Wet fuel gas corrodes and damages essential equipment.

Fuel gas dryers efficiently condition (dehydrate) natural gas for compressors, generating sets, turbines/micro turbines, heaters, pumps, and any gas-fired piece of equipment. A fuel gas dryer or fuel gas coalescer can be sized to match virtually any flow rate. Van Gas Technologies dryers require no fuel for operation and have no moving parts. Systems also available for Coal Bed Methane applications.

      • Numerous flow capacities available.
      • Large Sump area acts as a two-phase separator.
      • Positive shut-off valve protects engines from water slugs.
      • Environmentally friendly desiccant ensures a low dew point.
      • No electricity or fuel required.
      • Ideal for installation at remote locations
      • Optional factory installation of dump system and instrumentation.

Fuel Gas Coalescer

Van Gas Technologies high-efficiency GF102 coalescing filters provide needed protection from liquid hydrocarbons, lubricating oils, soap and glycol.

Most coalescing filter elements on the market today are rated down to .3 microns, Van Gas high-efficiency elements have been designed for efficiencies down to .01 microns with a maximum oil carryover of only .008 parts per million.

Other features and benefits of the GF102 series include:

      • Flow capacities up to 90 MMSCFD at 1440 PSIG.
      • Closure types include swing-bolt, blind flange, and blind flange with davit.
      • Large sump area for knock-out and collection of bulk liquids.
      • Optional factory installation of dump system and instrumentation.