Catalog Of Natural Gas Dehydrators

Natural Gas Dehydration

The purpose of natural gas dehydration units (also called natural gas dehydrators) is to remove water from natural gas and natural gas liquids. When produced from a reservoir, natural gas usually contains a large amount of water and is typically completely saturated or at the water dew point.

This water can cause several problems for downstream processes and equipment. At low temperatures, the water can either freeze in piping or, as is more commonly the case, form hydrates with CO2 and hydrocarbons (mainly methane hydrates). Depending on composition, these hydrates can form at relatively high temperatures plugging equipment and piping. (Source: Wikipedia).

AVP also supplies filters and desiccants for natural gas dryers as well as a single-tower pipeline dryer for drying landfill and digester gas.

Natural Gas Dehydrators (Dryers)

Single-Tower Deliquescent Pipeline Dryers

The Van Gas Technologies PLD is a single-tower deliquescent dryer which offers a simple and economical solution for gas dehydration. The dryer vessel has a large claim area, where the gas enters and liquids are separated and collected. The gas then flows up through the deliquescent desiccant tablets, which slowly dissolve as they remove moisture vapor from the gas. More »

Instrument Gas Dryers

The Van Gas Instrument Gas Dryer is supplied with color indicating silica gel, which requires periodic replacement. No power is required, making it suitable for remote installations and hazardous applications. The housing is carbon steel with a corrosion resistant coating. More »

Landfill/Digester/Biogas Dryers

One option for drying landfill and digester gas is the Van Gas single-tower pipeline dryer, designed to be used with absorbent deliquescent desiccants for an economical and effective solution to natural gas, fuel gas, and biogas dehydration. More »

Natural Gas Regenerative Dryer

Van Gas HLSX gas dryer is a regenerative desiccant dryer which delivers -40ºF line-pressure dewpoint. Electrical components are housed in explosion proof enclosures for operation in hazardous areas. No yellow metals are used. Standard sizes are 55, 80, 120, and 150 SCFM, with 280 PSIG maximum working pressure. More »

Fuel Gas Dryers

Van Gas Technologies fuel gas dryers are designed to protect your engines from damage caused by wet gas. Available in numerous flow capacities, no electricity is required, making these dryers ideal for remote locations. More »