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Our lead time tends to get longer from September through December. This is because of the high volume of natural gas vessels purchased during these months. We recommend that you place your order in the early part of the year to avoid a long delivery time and having to wait due to the rush.

Van Gas single-tower pipeline dryers
(Gas Dehydrators)

Van Gas single-tower pipeline dryers or gas dehydrators are designed for dehydration of natural gas using absorbent deliquescent desiccants. The Pipeline Dryer (PLD) natural gas dryer is the simplest technology available and is a very economical solution for natural gas, fuel gas, and biogas dehydration.

Single-tower deliquescent pipeline dryers

Advantages of single-tower deliquescent pipeline dryers

  • No electrical requirements to operate the pipeline gas dryer
  • Operating costs kept to a minimum since desiccant consumption is based upon the actual gas flow
  • No BTEX or VOC emissions for compliance with strict environmental regulations
  • Unlike a TEG dehydrator, a PLD natural gas dehydration vessel produces no emissions and consumes no fuel gas
  • Desiccant brine solution from the dehydration process is environmentally friendly and can be disposed with other liquids produced
  • Unlike a TEG dehydrator, a PLD natural gas dehydration vessel has no pump or re-boiler
  • Unlike a TEG dehydrator, a PLD natural gas dehydration vessel works well in low flow fuel gas and instrument gas applications

“Natural Gas STAR Partners have found that replacing glycol dehydrators with desiccant dehydrators reduces methane, VOC, and HAP emissions by 99 percent and also reduces operating and maintenance costs.”

Download white paper – Replacing Glycol Dehydrators with Desiccant Dehydrators.

Gas dehydration for hydrocarbon recovery

Van Gas Single-Tower desiccant dryers are very effective for removing water vapor in applications where the gas is chilled to lower the hydrocarbon dew point, or to recover natural gas condensate. Van Gas desiccants will remove water vapor down to as low as 13% relative humidity prior to chilling the gas. This allows hydrocarbons to condense without water condensing.

Standard single-tower natural gas dehydrators are available with maximum working pressures of 280 PSIG to 1440 PSIG, with flow capacities up to 15.2 MMCFD. Gas dryers rated for higher pressures and flows are available on an engineered-to-order basis. With our wide selection of single-tower dryers and custom engineering capabilities, we are certain to have a gas dehydrator for your application.

How to correctly size and find the right natural gas dryer

Use our handy online Natural Gas Dryer sizing charts to select the right Natural Gas Dryer for different flow capacities and pressure ranges. You will also find information on Desiccant Tablet Selection and a schematic for Dimensional and Component Layout.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have or to place your order.

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  • No BTEX emissions
  • Flow capacities up to 15.2 MMCFD at 1440 psig
  • Standard vessels with pressure ratings of 280 psig, 720 psig and 1440 psig
  • Low pressure drop
  • Vessels built and stamped to ASME code, Section VIII
  • Natural gas dehydration at the well head
  • Dry fuel gas to prevent freeze-ups
  • Inhibit hydrate formation
  • Protect meters, regulators, and instruments
  • Meet pipeline water specifications and eliminate TEG dehydrators
  • Landfill gas and biogas dehydration