Landfill/Digester/Biogas Dryers

Single-Tower Desiccant Dryers for Drying Landfill and Digester Gas

An option for drying landfill and digester gas is the Van Gas single-tower pipeline dryer, designed to be used with absorbent deliquescent desiccants for an economical and effective solution to natural gas, fuel gas, and biogas dehydration. Operating costs are kept to a minimum since desiccant consumption is based upon the actual gas flow. There are no electrical requirements to operate the pipeline gas dryer.

Our single-tower pipline gas dryers produce no BTEX or VOC emissions and are a valuable tool for gas producers and processors needing to comply with strict environmental regulations. The desiccant brine solution resulting from the dehydration process is environmentally friendly and can be disposed with other produced liquids.

Standard single-tower natural gas dehydrators are available with maximum working pressures of 280 PSIG to 1440 PSIG, with flow capacities up to 7.7 MMcfd. Gas dryers rated for higher pressures and flows are available on an engineered-to-order basis. With our wide selection of single-tower dryers and custom engineering capabilities, we are certain to have a gas dehydrator for your application.