Electronic Humidity Alarms

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Electronic Humidity Alarms for Compressed Air Systems

humidity-alarmThe Electronic Humidity Alarm for Compressed Air Systems alarms when wet air is detected. Closing a contactor, a red alarm light is activated alerting to wet compressed air. The High Humidity Alarm can be monitored remotely in a control room. Or, it can be wired to an alarm, horn or buzzer. This unit runs on 115/1/60 and is in a NEMA 4 enclosure rated for 150 psig systems.

The Electronic Humidity Alarm is installed downstream of a regenerative Desiccant Dryer. The High Humidity Alarm is a resistance type humidity sensor with housing, bleed orifice, electronic humidistat, dry contacts (remote alarm) and red alarm light. There is a continuous sample of the measured air passes over the sensor and is exhausted to atmosphere through the bleed orifice. This design will give a pressure dewpoint. While the compressed air is dry the humidistat powers the remote alarm contact holding it open.

The two RH detection levels offered are P/N 20506 detecting a 10% RH level (equal to a +18F PDP @ 80F sensor temperature) or a P/N 20506-R3 detecting a 3% RH level (equal to a -7F PDP @ 80F sensor temperature). The lower resistance level of wet air causes the humidistat board to de-energize the alarm contact closing it. This lights the red alarm light and remote alarm relay. Once the air system malfunction is corrected the dryer air will return the sensor to dry air and the alarms will stop. There are no adjustments needed before or after installation.

Typical applications include but not limited to Desiccant air dryers, environmental chambers, dry air storage tanks, dry sprinkler systems, dry glove boxes or any critical dry compressed air application.

Please call or email our sales department with your application.