Gas Pak Pro Portable Natural Gas Drying System


The New All-In-One Portable Natural Gas Drying System
As the industry leader in deliquescent drying technology, Van Gas Technologies has designed a new
portable solution for natural gas dehydration. This complete PLD skid package, is the perfect solution
for jobs on the go. The Gas Pak PRO is custom built to your natural gas dehydration needs. Start by
filling out the application specifications and then select your options. We will do the rest.


  • Features
  • Options include
  • Completely portable forklift accessible skid
  • Custom built to your specifications
  • PLD Series Dryer with hammer union closure
  • OSHA Platform, ladder and dual swing safety gate for safe and easy desiccant refilling
  • Afterfilter
  • No moving parts, no electricity necessary
  • 10 year deliquescent dryer vessel warranty
  • Prefilter
  • Davit Closure for Filters
  • Magnetrol Level Switch
  • Modco Closure For PLD Dryer
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Purge Vent Valve
  • PDI with Isolation Manifold
  • Jerguson Liquid Level Gauge
  • Relief Valve Assembly
  • Emergency Bypass Piping and Valves

Standard flows from 15 MSCFD to 14 MMSCFD

Standard pressure ratings of 280 PSIG, 720 PSIG, 1450 PSIG