COSA Instruments Dew Point Monitors

COSA Instruments Dew Point Monitors

On-line Dew Point Meters XDT Series

Model XDT is available in three executions: XDT-NEMA, for outdoor and hazardous area installation (hazardous area certifications optional); XDT-DIN, for panel mount applications and XDT-OEM for integration into existing enclosures. All models feature the same electronics and user interface. Dual alarms with programmable hysteresis and isolated 4-20mA are standard. Sensors are freely exchangeable between instruments. Optionally available are RS-232, NIST traceability and hazardous area approvals.



Model XDT-PM houses the transmitter in a panel mount industry standard DIN 43700 box, 3″ deep. Connections are made through a pluggable screw terminal block. The panel mount model is available with push buttons on the outside of the front panel (shown here) or with push buttons hidden behind the front panel.



Model XDT-NEMA hoses the transmitter in a NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure. Ideally suited for the factory floor or outdoor installations.



Model XDT-OEM is a standalone board suitable for mounting in existing enclosures. Connections are made through a pluggable screw terminal block, which allows cables to leave the board vertically or horizontally. The electronic board can be broken into two parts and sandwiched to accommodate space constraints.