A Quick Rundown on The Inner Workings of Dew Point Meters

A Quick Rundown on The Inner Workings of Dew Point…

Posted by AVP on Apr 29th 2022

The temperature at which water vapor in the surrounding air condenses into dew or frost is known as the dew point. At any given temperature, the quantity of water vapor that can be held in the atmosphere is a finite number. Saturation pressure is the greatest quantity of water vapor that can be held in the atmosphere. Condensation will occur if the water vapor concentration is raised over this threshold.

Pressurized air condensation is a serious issue since it may lead to pipe obstructions, equipment malfunctions, pollution, and even freezing. It is possible to detect and prevent these issues by monitoring dew points in modern facilities that use compressed air.

Keeping an Eye at Dew Points
It is possible to monitor compressed air dew points using high-quality dew point meters and monitors that are available on our website. Compressed air systems may be reliably maintained by using a pressure dew point monitoring system, which can be used to ensure that the required moisture level is being maintained.

For us here at Air and Vacuum Process INC, the presence of water vapor is an ongoing source of concern in compressed air systems. Mistakes, inefficient processes, and subpar final products may all be avoided when dew point sensors or meters are running at peak efficiency. Dew point measurements in compressed air systems, on the other hand, face several difficulties that may lead to inaccurate readings, unstable measurements, and sensor failures.

How a Dew Point Meter Operates
When it comes to your final product, the quality of the air you're working with is crucial. Spray painting is a good example. An unsatisfactory paint finish is a direct consequence of using air that includes dirt, other particles, or water, which results in a squandered output that cannot be sold. The use of compressed air in semiconductor manufacturing may produce problems such as poor yield and stability, while debris in the air might short circuit the devices.

For food and beverage packaging, clean, dry air is a need to maintain cleanliness and retain the quality of the final product. In other words, if you're filling up canisters of corned beef with a filling gas, you don't want anything else in there. This may lead to rust in food if the air is compressed and humid air condenses into water droplets. Soda bottles made from polymers that have been over-dried might have a hazy finish if there is too much moisture.

If you want to know what the dew point is, you can think of it as the temperature where the water in gas has reached a saturation point. A gas's absolute humidity may be expressed in this fashion. Dew point temperature may be viewed to be a metric system for measuring a gas's moisture content. Dew point sensors are instruments that use this unit system to measure the gas's absolute moisture content.

The Xentaur HTF™ Aluminum Oxide sensor is the product of years of intensive research and has been 

Dew Point Metersthoroughly field proven. Xentaur HTF™ technology offers significant performance advantages over all other aluminum oxide moisture sensors.

Due to a hyper-thin film and a special pore geometry,Xentaur sensors have a capacitance change over their full range, several orders of magnitude larger than that of conventional aluminum oxide sensors. Additionally, this change is quasi linear and its sensitivity to temperature is negligible.

The advantages of a linear high capacitance response are: better sensitivity, better repeatability and faster response times. Also, the measurement system is less prone to noise and drift, and signal conditioning is kept to a minimum.

COSA Xentaur Dew Point Meters
We at Air & Vacuum Process INC. sell COSA Xentaur digital dew point transmitters on our website. As simple and dependable instruments, COSA Xentaur XDT Series monitors compressed air quality and dry gas moisture from ambient dew point values. As part of an easy-to-use menu-driven interface, four buttons are used to control the dew point sensor’s functions, including a backlit bespoke LCD.

For COSA Xentaur Dew Point Meter and other brands of dew point sensors you might like, check out our air compressor and monitoring solutions available for a price you can’t ignore at Air & Vacuum Process INC.