Diverse Industrial Applications of Compressed Air Systems

Diverse Industrial Applications of Compressed Air …

Posted by AVP on Aug 23rd 2022

Compressed air systems can be found in a wide range of sectors and are used for a wide variety of purposes. Although you may already be familiar with its applications in your own sector, you may be shocked to learn of the numerous different ways it is used in other industries.

Compressed Air Systems for Laboratories and Research Centers

For sample preparation, desiccation and decontamination, filtration and vitrification are just some of the uses of compressed air systems in laboratories. With this, the risk of oil contamination in laboratory processes is simply too great.

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As a result, an oil-free air compressor, such as our 52-gallon Panther Oil Free Mini Air Compressor, is the appropriate choice for these facilities. As a low-maintenance, low-cost compressor, this one is well worth the money you put into it.

Forensic testing laboratories, medical/research and development (R&D), industrial, and toxicology laboratories are all using oil-free air compressors. Nitrogen production in labs is dependent on the purity of the air and the cleanliness of the compressed air.

To avoid interfering with any testing that may be taking place in a lab, air compressors must be extremely silent.

Working in a laboratory necessitates spending a lot of time around machines that need to be kept running all the time. For these professionals, equipment that makes a lot of noise can be very distracting. This problem can be alleviated by using oil-free, quiet air compressors.

Many laboratories have the feel of being in a library. Oil-free silent air compressors are the answer to the problem of loud noise in medical, laboratory, and research facilities.

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All-out ultra-quietness is a hallmark of Panther compressors. As low as 30 db/A, the Panther Silent Mini Air Compressor is perfect for use indoors. To put that into perspective, libraries have a usual decibel level of about 40. Not bad, right?

They don't need a separate sound-proofed area for Panther Silent Mini Air Compressors, either. Using this compressor, installation and piping expenses can be significantly reduced because it can be installed at the point of service.

Compressed Air Systems for Metallurgical Industries

When it comes to working with or creating precious metals, compressed air is an indispensable tool. Class 0 oil-free compressed air is the only way to ensure that the compressed air does not pollute your process.

You won't have to worry about oil pollution from your compressor, damaged or dangerous products, operational interruptions, or risking your company's well-earned credibility as a result.

The development of the metallurgical industry relies heavily on the use of air separation technology. This is because it is the air compressor that produces both the high-pressure air needed for cooling and refrigeration equipment.

In industries such as metallurgy, hydrocarbons, and chemical production, air compressors are used extensively.

Compressed Air Systems for Dental Practices

Regardless of the size of a dental practice, specialist equipment is crucial to ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

One of the most critical components is a dental air compressor, which effectively serves as the engine of the dental business. Without them, the practice would grind to a halt.

In order for dentists and dental hygienists to operate the handpieces they use to treat patients' teeth, they need a constant supply of high-quality air that is almost medical-grade.

Considerations connected to the machine's design, installation, and maintenance are just a few of the crucial factors to take into account when selecting the best dental air compressor for your practice.

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Of course, our Panther Oil Free Mini Air Compressor, 6.3 gal is the appropriate compressor for you to avoid any oil leakage into the air lines when you operate on your patient's oral cavity.

The air that is produced by a lubricated compressor that does not receive sufficient maintenance has the potential to become increasingly contaminated over time. Similar to how bad cholesterol behaves in the body, oil vapor can cause clogging or harm to various components.

Aside from posing an immediate threat to human health, oil vapor can also damage dental equipment and instruments. Oil compressors need to have their oil changed on a regular basis, in addition to the usual maintenance they require. As long as they're running, it's important to keep an eye on their oil levels.

In addition to being lighter, oil-free compressors are more convenient to transport. This provides for a more adaptable set-up in the clinic.

Take Advantage of Air & Vacuum Process Inc.'s Compressed Air System

On a personal and professional level, compressed air systems are useful for a variety of tasks.

Pressurized air is utilized in everything from laboratories and research facilities to dental offices in order to treat patients' teeth and to keep dust out of the production and fabrication of computer chips.

Modern compressors are built to give maximum power with a streamlined design across many cycles of use, making them ideal for a variety of applications. We at AVP have been working in the industrial air compressor market for more than two decades now.

Our knowledge of air compressors for industrial and laboratory usage has grown over the years, and we are now able to provide our customers with the best equipment on the market. If you're looking for an energy-efficient and reliable air compressor in the United States, we'd love to hear from you!