COSA LPDT, Loop Powered Hybrid Dew Point Transmitter HDT Series, For Refrigerant Dryers.

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HDT-60 is designed for refrigerant or desiccant dryer monitoring, the model HDT is a HART compliant IP66 / NEMA 4X hybrid dew point transmitter, providing loop powered analog as well as a digital output. Sensor model XTR-60 is designed to work in tough, high pressure and even in liquid applications. The sensor is not affected by condensation and water slugs; once dried, it will resume measurement without requiring recalibration. The instrument draws 4-20mA from the power supply. 12 or 24 VDC power supply requirement for end user to supply.

Dew Point Range: -60°C to +30°C (-76°F to 86°F) HDT -60  

Precision Digital Panel Mounted Display

Available in 1/8 DIN panel meter, 120 VAC power supply, and 2 Alarm Relays.


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