Modular Sample System ESS

COSA Extractive Sample System (ESS)


Building sample systems for measuring dew point in gases is not an easy task . It requires experience and a complete understanding of the often unexpected behavior of water molecules. Selection of the proper materials, components and final system configuration will greatly influence the fidelity of the sample carried to the sensor.

The COSA Extractive Sample System (ESS) has a modular design, and can be configured to accommodate almost any measurement requirement. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, the ESS will meet the most exacting plant standards.

Use the questionnaire contained in the ESS brochure as a guide in building a configuration best suited for you; or provide us with the answers, and we will help you pick a cost effective solution for your application.

Smart Systems that go beyond…

COSA has developed “smart”, fully automated ESS sample systems, which can make decisions and execute procedures unattended, guided buy the microprocessor of the host instrument computer. Such smart systems can be used for automatic calibration procedures, multi-stream switching, gas blending or for sensor protection.