Small/Mini Clean Dry Air (CDA) Packages, 115/1/50/60, -100°F Dew Point, 10LPM

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Mini Clean Dry Air (CDA) packages are available in stock form. It is sized at 10 liters per minute flow, providing -40 or -100 F pressure dewpoints (PDP).

The Small Compressor Dryer Packages come complete with compressor, twin tower regenerative dryer, filter and regulator for applications that require clean dry compressed air in low volumes at pressures up to 100 psig. These Mini Compressor Dryer Packages provide excellent performance over long periods of time with unique design features.

The Mini Compressor Dryer Packages use reliable oil less compressors, equipped with piston pump technology, to provide oil free compressed air. There are options available such as solid-state control boards using reliable solid-state circuitry that monitors humidity and pressure functions on the package. This eliminates mechanical relays and timers. The twin tower regenerative dryer is of the heatless design for continuous, clean dry air.

The Small Compressor Dryer Packages are used in many clean dry air (CDA) applications where low compressed air flow is required. Your Mini Clean Dry Air (CDA) Package can increase the productivity on equipment in sensitive pneumatic applications. These applications include automotive exhaust emissions, infrared detectors, laser applications, control analyzers, electrolytic cell hygrometers, gas chromatography and many other laboratory instruments.

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