How Silent are Panther Silent Air Compressors

How Silent are Panther Silent Air Compressors

Posted by AVP on Jun 23rd 2022

Designed for quiet operation, a silent air compressor is completely automated and practically noiseless. Most of the noise is taken in by the fact that this compressor is reliable, has extra noise insulation, and is well-maintained.

A combination of sound-dampening machine tools, proper lubrication, and extra noise insulation is used to block out as much noise as possible. Besides these steps, air compressors may be quiet or even silent, making them perfect for use inside, such as in small workshops.

The Panther Silent Mini Air Compressors from Werther International Inc., which we sell at Air & Vacuum Process Inc., are an excellent example of how silent air compressors function. If you'd like to learn more about silent air compressors, keep reading.

Panther Silent Mini Air Compressors: How Quiet Are They?
Because of their quiet operation, Panther Silent Mini Air Compressors are a popular choice among those who value peace and quiet. The design incorporates noise-dampening elements to reduce traffic noise and any other mechanical noise that could be present.

Your application has to be taken into account when buying equipment. Therefore, be sure that the noise level is enough for your needs. Louder equipment has a greater decibel rating, which is a standard way of describing how loud it is.

Decibels are units used to quantify the loudness of a sound. And, of course, there's the issue of decibel levels and the dangers of excessive noise.

Using real-world examples is the best way to understand how to measure sound and what decibel levels might be dangerous. Take, for example, a decibel level of 60.

It's a number that falls somewhere in the middle between the pain threshold and no sound at all. No sound and very loud sound are separated by just 60 dB. During an average discussion, you'll hear around 60 decibels of noise.

The P30-TC and P50-TC Panther Silent Mini Air Compressors, which can operate at 40 dB/A, are fantastic choices in terms of noise.

What are the benefits of using a silent air compressor?
Many industries aren't able to produce the distinctive sounds of machinery and air moving. People who work near compressors often have a hard time with the noise from compressor installations.

When exposed for eight hours a day or more to the noise of moving air, whirling machinery, and other forms of industrial disturbance, the effects may be severe. Compressor setups that are too, for example, being loud might obstruct communication and impair performance. Communication and understanding of auditory cues may be problematic for employees.

A negative impact on health and safety might put workers in danger. A noisy workplace can also hurt morale, make people feel alone, and slow down work.

Loud compressors may also interfere with your ability to place equipment close to where it will be used, which is crucial in several businesses like dentistry, garages, and workshops. You may have to spend more money and time installing acoustic barriers in your compressor room if your devices are very loud.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Compressor


silent air compressors

How important do you think portability is? Wheeled designs are great if you wish to move it about your store or building or transfer it to other places.

Visit our website to learn more about the Panther Silent Mini Air Compressor, model P100/24AL. It has a noise level of 42 dB/A, making it absolutely quiet and vibration-free.

If your compressed air has to go a long distance, you may utilize longer air hoses instead of an air compressor that doesn't provide enough CFM.

Guaranteed and reliable electricity.
This might assist you in deciding between a gas and an electric type. You shouldn't use your air compressor with a generator because the changing voltage from the generator could hurt your compressor.

The compressor's warranty will also be voided if it is used improperly.
Because longer cables aren't as good at giving the machine the right amount of power, they shouldn't be used with an air compressor.

Your air compressor's owner's handbook will tell you exactly what length and gauge of power wire you need to use. Always keep in mind that you can use long air hoses instead of trying to make the electrical supply bigger.

PSI Requirement
This is useful in deciding between a single-stage and a two-stage piston design.

To put it another way, the second step of compression will raise the pressure of the compressed air by a significant amount. To figure out how much PSI you'll need, have a look at the air tool specs. PSI will be used to record the CFM rate.

A silent compressor is a great choice for a wide range of uses because it can be used in many different ways. However, some may be excessively loud, especially when utilized in enclosed areas. At AVP, we have a wide range of alternatives. Visit our website for additional details.