BVD-2S14 - 1/4" NPT Stainless Steel Ball Valve Drain

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The BVD Series is a heavy duty condensate or process timer drain consisting of a gear-motor operated ball valve with a straight-through flow path design. The timer module initiates a drain cycle by energizing the gear motor to rotate the ball valve 180° from closed to open and back to a closed position. The drain cycle lasts for approximately 5 seconds during which condensate is drained.


Solid-state timer Easy adjustability of drain cycle frequency
Straight-through flow pattern Prevents clogging
Robust seat and seal design Provides extended service on the most demanding applications
Test button Quick check of drain operation
Available in several sizes Can be used on wide range of flows
NEMA 4X enclosure Rugged and non-corrosive
Available in different pressure ratings up to 2000 PSI Can be used on wide range of applications
Versatile for many applications Can be used for filters, air receivers, air dryers, separators and aftercoolers


Inlet/Outlet 1/4" NPT / 1/2" NPT / 3/4" / 1"
Drain Cycle Frequency 5 secs. – 50 mins.
Drain Cycle Time 5 secs.
Pressure Bronze – up to 600 PSI
Stainless Steel – up to 2000 PSI
Ground Cord 8 ft.
Power 115 V, 60 Hz., 1 Ph.
Weight 6 lbs.
NEMA 4X Enclosure 6" X 3" x 3"


Stock No. Description
BVD-2B14 / 2S14 1/4" NPT Bronze / Stainless Steel Valve
BVD-2B12 / 2S12 1/2" NPT Bronze / Stainless Steel Valve
BVD-2B34 / 2S34 3/4" NPT Bronze / Stainless Steel Valve
BVD-2B10 / 2S10 1" NPT Bronze / Stainless Steel Valve