MS16 CARTRIDGE 26-0889 Fits ID 15 /IND

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Molecular sieve is highly porous sodium aluminosilicate bead for the adsorption of a wide range of liquids and gases. It has a fixed pore size according to the material specification. Van Air Systems offers molecular sieve with a 4 angstrom pore size. Because of its high comparative cost, molecular sieve is normally used for special process applications. In compressed air and gas drying applications, molecular sieve will deliver pressure dew point to -100°F, depending on dryer design and operating conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • More consistent moisture retention from 10% to 100% relative humidity
  • Used to produce dew points as low as -100°F.
  • With a round shape, Van Air Systems molecular sieve has a higher abrasion resistance and delivers a lower pressure drop that extruded molecular sieves.
  • Available in 25lb pails, 50lb bags and 300lb steel drums
  • 4x8 mesh beads