SG23 CARTRIDGE 26-0888 Fits ID15/SW

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For use in the model ID15-SW in-line desiccant dryers. Contains 23 oz. color indicating silica gel desiccant.

Silica gel is a spherical bread consisting of 97% silica and 3% alumina with a highly porous surface and a strong affinity for adsorbing water. Silica gel is also applied as a selective adsorbent for a wide-range of hydrocarbons, C02, siloxanes, sulfur, and many other compounds.

Because silica gel fractures in the presence of liquid water, it is often protected with a pre-bed of activated alumina.

In air and gas drying applications, dew points of -40°F and lower can be achieved with silica gel.

Features and Benefits

  • High moisture retention capacity under dynamic conditions, allowing heated desiccant dryers with a higher design capacity and lower regeneration temperature
  • A uniform bead shape provides for a lower pressure drop and less abrasion than granular types of silica gel.
  • Available in two types, non-indicating and indicating. Indicating silica gel is impregnated with a moisture indicator that changes color from blue to pink when saturated.
  • High static adsorption (moisture retention) under certain relative humidity conditions
  • Available in indicating (blue to pink) and non-indicating Available in  25lb pails, 50lb bags and 330lb steel drums