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**A general rule for compressor output is 3-5 SCFM per HP. Check in your compressor manual, or with the manufacturer**

The ID35 is a simple and robust compressed air dryer designed for low and intermittent flow applications.  The dryer consists of an ASME Code stamped pressure vessel filled with 8 lbs. of color indicating silica gel desiccant.  Wet compressed air enters the lower portion of the dryer, flows upward through the desiccant, and exits the outlet at the top of the vessel.  When the desiccant changes from blue (dry) to pink (wet) as shown in the sight glass, it’s time to replace the desiccant by unthreading the bottom cap of the pressure vessel.

Features and Benefits

  • -40⁰ F pressure dew point
  • 8 lbs. color changing silica gel desiccant; 38 lbs. total weight Vessel & Initial Desiccant Fill
  • ASME Code pressure vessel
  • 1” NPT inlet and outlet connections


  • Point-of-use drying for intermittent flows
  • Air/gas instruments
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Fuel gas for thermoelectric generators
  • Paint shops