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**A general rule for compressor output is 3-5 SCFM per HP. Check in your compressor manual, or with the manufacturer**

The ID15-SW is what a compressed dryer should be: simple, reliable, effective and manufactured from quality heavy duty materials that will probably outlast the compressor and every other tool in your shop. The Van Air Systems Inline Desiccant Dryers can supply a -40°F pressure dew point and are ideal for pneumatic equipment or instruments that require small volumes (up to 15 SCFM at 100 psig) of extremely dry air or gas. 

The ID15-SW uses a convenient color changing desiccant cartridge (model SG23; one cartridge is included) to adsorb water vapor from the compressed air line. A sight window on the body of the dryer is present to view the condition of the silica gel, which turns from blue to pink when saturated with moisture, signaling that it's time to replace the cartridge. Replacing the In-line Dryer cartridge is a quick procedure. No tools are needed and there is no handling of desiccant involved. Changing the cartridge only takes minutes. No regular maintenance is required.

The dryer has a range of ideal uses, from pneumatic control systems to spray painting to drying natural gas. The dryer is constructed of cast aluminum and finished with a chip resistant powder coating. 


  • -40⁰ F pressure dew point
  • Initial SG23 desiccant cartridge included
  • Manual depressurization valve
  • Low pressure drop, less than 1 PSID at rated conditions
  • Industrial grade materials of construction


  • Point-of-use drying for intermittent flows
  • Air/gas instruments
  • Control gas
  • Small flows of fuel gas
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Fuel gas for thermoelectric generators
  • Paint shops